Philadelphia Airport

Laurie and Kathy finishing off those Jordanian apples before US agricultural customs.



Sunset at jaffa waterfront…now on to the airport for our overnight flight.
What a trip it has been…a great group of people who have bonded well.
We will have so much to share with you all when we get the chance.
Wonderful people here in these lands we have visited…sometimes heartbreaking stories,
but also stories of hope and encouragement and people living out their faith and love in
difficult circumstances.
Paul and Debi Stromberg are going home on another airline, so we are just 11 now together
at the Tel Aviv airport.
Our plans are to have a reunion Saturday, July 12, at Zoar Lutheran in Canby. All you who have
been following this blog are most welcome. At this point, it looks like the time frame for that
gathering will be 12:30 – 3:30. We will keep you posted. But at that time we be sharing stories
and pictures and most likely some videos prepared by Gary Eppelsheimer, our official photographer and videographer for the trip.
I probably will not be posting too much more on this site….sure hope you have enjoyed the
pictures and comments.
It is quite possible there may be another trip in 2015 and, if that happens, it is likely to be
in May again. You might think about joining us for this pilgrimage adventure of accompanying
our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. We learn, we discover, we reflect, we
think about questions of justice and non-violent love and what it means to be peacemakers. We learn that we are part of a wondrous world where God is found in the humblest places and among seemingly simple, ordinary people who live extraordinary lives. Our misconceptions and stereotypes are challenged and, often, we find we have to think again about others and about ourselves. But the Spirit is at work…all over and in all places. Truly the Spirit of the
Lord fills the world. We have seen that in these days of traveling. And so we will journey on in faith together…wherever we are. Thank you for joining us!!!


Eppelsheimers enjoying break along the sea walk at Jaffa.
Many of us sat for while in this pleasant outdoor cafe on our last day in the holy land.


Jaffa is just south of Tel Aviv.
Cindi Jeskey left us earlier today for her flight home.
This picture was taken on the mediterranean waterfront along the old city of Jaffa. It used to
be a thriving Palestinian city before 1948; now there are few Arabs living here anymore.
Today was a special holiday…weekly Sabbath coincided with Shavuot for the Jews (Pentecost
for Christians). Blessed Pentecost to all of you readers at home.


The iconic shot of Petra…the Treasury.
On our way home soon…border crossing today into Israel…and then to the airport in
Tel Aviv.